Santarelli and Sons Oil Company, dependable wholesale fuels...gasoline and diesel!

We serve gas stations and convenience stores throughout the eastern half of Pennsylvania at our lowest prices!

We are a member of the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association and a Pennsylvania Utility Commission, PUC, licensed company offering ontracted fuel hauling and fuel transport.

With our fleet of 30 trucks, we can deliver the quantity of fuel you require in amounts up to 8,500 gallons.  We offer our 40 years of experience to help support your business. We make ourselves available to provide our fuel partners with advice on daily pricing, deliveries, etc. to help them operate a successful and profitable retail location.

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Call Ken at 570 489-7690 or email us questions you may have about making us your wholesale fuel supplier!

CITGO / SUNOCO Branded Fuels
Santarelli is the leading supplier of top quality fuels, including different ranges of gasoline, diesel fuel and now non-ethanol gasoline! Our available gasoline products include three different octane levels with a high performance additives designed to help keep your engine clean and performing at its highest potential. All gasoline grades meet the EPA’s additive requirements and help to reduce our customers’ overall carbon footprint. With the growth of petroleum and motor engine technology, fuels have become cleaner burning and more efficient, which translates to safer for the environment and the public.

Unbranded Fuels
We offer quality unbranded wholesale ultra low sulfur diesel, gasoline and now non-ethanol gasoline! You can choose from 3 grades of gasolinel octane and both on and off road diesel fuel. You can rely on our dedicated delivery service and not have to worry about out running out of fuel when you become a Santarelli and Sons Oil wholesale fuel customer.

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