Santarelli and Sons Oil of Peckville, offers bulk kerosene delivery!

Kerosene is one of the safest and easiest fossil fuels to store!

Kerosene can be stored in large quantities for long periods of time.  You can keep a stock pile in case of emergency and not find yourself at the mercy of mother nature or lack of supply during a winter storm.  Kerosene heaters can be operated without electricity and make an excellent backup heat source when power is lost.

One gallon of kerosene can provide about the same heat output as a wheelbarrow of wood!  Kerosene heaters have been used safely for over a century.  Today's kerosene heaters are equipped with multiple safety features which makes them ideal for use inside the home.  Kerosene can be burned with up to 99.9% efficiency with the use of a catalytic combustion unit found in today's kerosene heaters.

You should only use 1-K kerosene in kerosene space heaters.  Santarelli Oil can supply 1-K kerosene in bulk or by the gallon from our pumps at our Mayfield, PA Location.  1-K kerosene contains no more than 0.04% sulfur by weight.  Using kerosene with more sulfur content can produce odor as well as excessive and potentially harmful sulfur dioxide.

Our pricing is very competitive.
Call 570 489-7690 or email us to set up a delivery today!

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